Another New Year!

Hello!  And Happy 2011!  I'm pretty sure not many people will see this right off, so I guess this blog is really more like a journal for me at the moment.  But regardless, I want to use this blog as a starting point for my new business, "Larson Farm Naturals". I say new because I have never really had a name to call myself, but actually I have been making, growing and selling things for about 6 years now.  I started with family and friends and then onto ebay and many local families.

Here is a little about me too.  I am a farm wife and mother of 4.  I love to learn anything that helps my family be a little more self sufficient.  When you live at least 45 min. from the closest big store, you begin to want to do more things for yourself.  The more kids we had, I began to realize how hard it was just to "get up and go" anywhere. It just didn't work anymore to make a quick trip to the store because we ran out of something. 
Through these ideas of making things for my family, I also realized that this kind of lifestyle was also healthier for us and the environment. 

So there is my first blog post.  I hope to bring many interesting things to share here. Maybe write down a few thoughts and along the way start sharing about my life and my business.  

( A sneak peak into my next post.  I made many different homemade soaps and lip balms for Christmas gifts.  This month I will be posting about making  them and getting ready to sell! )


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