My name is Debbie and I am a farm wife, mother of 4 and keeper of the animals, furry and otherwise.  We live in the rolling hills of SW Iowa in a century old farmhouse that has been in my husband's family for generations.  I love the calm and quite of living in the country.  Although it does have a few drawbacks... like waking up to a skunk that had just sprayed the open window by my head. (and many many more stories like that!)  I still wouldn't change it for the world. 

My husband and I decided long ago that I would stay home with our children.  I have loved every minute of it too.  But I also wanted to be able to help our family with our needs.  We realized the best way to do that was to be more self-sufficient.  And in being more self-sufficient I saw that is was a better lifestyle for our family.  I became more and more aware of the benefits our way of life had for us and our planet.  I now have a passion for anything natural and environmentally friendly. 

Through these years I tried to learn as much as I could.  How to grow and make many things on my own.  I have also gotten used to the comments and looks I get when explaining our lifestyle.  Like when I first started using cloth diapers.  You would have thought I grew a second head or something.  But slowly I realized that I am really not THAT odd :)  Although I do embrace that title with confidence now.

I opened my Etsy Shop in Jan. of 2011.  I offer handmade cold-process soaps and other natural and green products for you and your home.  All my items are made with high quality ingredients.  I use organic when I can.  All of my products are tested and used by me and my family,  so we know what we are selling works and is SAFE for you and your family. 

I also have lip balms, all natural laundry soaps,  reusable sandwich bags, cloth wipes and wash cloths.  I hope to be adding skin balms and lotions in the next year. 

If you have any questions or would like to submit something to my blog, you can reach me by email here.

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Thank your checking out my blog.  I hope you find something you like here.  I love to get comments so please go ahead, let me know what you think.