A bit about soaping

Soap Success!
Here is a few pics I took a couple of months ago when I was experimenting.  Sweet Honeyed Carrot and Orange Ginger were my favorites. I have taken to making my own recipes anymore and I always worry that my new ideas won't make for good soap.  No worries though, they turned out beautiful!!  I won't go into detail this week on the soap process, but here are a few pics of my carrot soap in the making.

The beginning after mixing the lye/water into my oils.  I have my dried carrots and honey ready to go after trace.

My soap is now the pudding (trace) stage and ready for my add ins.  I mixed about 1/4 of the soap with the dried carrots and honey. Such a pretty color!

All mixed in and it didn't seize up on me. YEAH!

Into the mold and ready to sit for about a day.

Here are the finished bars.  Beautiful dark orange color.  Looks kind of brown in this picture though.  They smell so good, almost like carrot cake. They will now go on the drying rack and be ready in about 6 weeks. 

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