Quick Tip Tuesday - Pie Crust Helper

A really "quick" Quick Tip today.  My head is spinning with holiday... uhhhh... cheer ya that's it!  I have no pictures to go with this as my camera screen has gone to....heck ;)

So your getting ready to roll out your pie crust and you don't have one of those fancy no-stick pads to roll it on?  And rolling on you floured table only works until you roll outside of your floured area?
Fear not pie bakers!  Lightly sprinkle water on an area of a clean table.  Spread the water around in a large circle (larger than your pie circle will be).  Sprinkle flour on the wet area and lightly spread out.   Your flour will stick to your table and create a base for your crust rolling.  Add a bit more flour and spread that too.  Place your crust dough down and do your thing!

Happy pie baking everyone!!


  1. Oooh I can almost taste the pie already. I can't wait to make pumpkin pie this year!


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