An Unexpected Discovery

Animals. We love them all here at our house. No farm is complete without animals, it would be quite boring around here without them.   And boy do we have plenty.

At the moment we have:
195 cows,calves,bulls
3 horses
9 chickens
3 dogs
8 cats...and 3 babies

Others call our farm home at different times of the year as well.  I sometimes have up to 200 meat chickens through the summer.  4 sheep came to live here during 4-H season last year.  And there is always a few little "pets" kept in an old aquarium...the last being a baby snake (shudder!)

So a bit about the cats who live here.
 Our cats are not only pets but play a very important role on our farm.  Mice and rats are a fact of life on a farm, especially when there is a plethora of grain for them to munch on.  Fields of corn and beans surround our house and grain bins are in our back yard. Pair this smorgasbord with a couple of old sheds for them to hang out in and we could have a rodent explosion!  The best way to control the vermin population is with cats.  Everyone knows that cats love to chase mice.  And boy are they good at it!

But even though the cats are pets, we don't spoil them.  They make their home outside wherever is comfortable and warm.  They do get store bought food but not everyday.  It may sound bad, but if they are always full, they would never go hunting.  And believe me, our cats are not malnourished!

We also made a rule a few years back after a bad spring of dead kittens.  We saw that a mother was just starting into labor and made her a bed in the garage. We thought this was a nice idea at the time.  But this led to very tame kittens that didn't know to be scared of the pickups that pulled in and out of  the driveway each day :(  Ya, like I said, a bad spring that year.  So we leave those pregnant mamas alone now to choose where she would like to have her babies.  They eventually will warm up to us but not being around us 24/7 will help them to have that healthy fear engraved in them. 

So here is a few pics of where we found the latest bunch of babies.  Very unexpected since it's November and not the best choice of month to be having babies.  We found them the day before and decided to surpise our youngest who hadn't seen them yet. 

Hmmm, what's in here?

Oh my, she's in heaven now.  What little girl doesn't love baby kitties? There are 2 more gray fuzzballs in the box. 

They are just starting to open their eyes.  This tells me they went undiscovered for about a week.  How that happened I don't know.  We usually notice right away when a mama kitty is running around with a saggy belly.  The kids are then right on her trail to see where she has hidden her new family.  We were even lucky enough to watch a mama give birth one year.  That was an amazing thing to see and a wonderful way to teach my kids about just how animals are born.  It's so much easier just to see it than explain HA!


  1. I grew up on a 100acre farm too and still think it's the absolute best place to raise a family. So much to learn and discover!

  2. Oh, I would re-phrase and say: Who doesn't love baby kittens! Yet, you are so right that we should keep away from making their life too comfortable because it really is not good for them. The greatest love is to do what's best for the subject of your love!

  3. How sweet! My grandparents lived on a farm in Canada and I spent a lot of my growing up years there were many a kitten in my days on the farm. And yes they are the best mice population controllers! I learned too that over feeding them wasn't a good thing, because then they weren't overly hungry for the mice! ;-)

    How wonderful for your daughter to discover them hiding out!

  4. Awww...what cute babies, both of them! :)

  5. Hi Jacinda, thanks for joining me over here! Yes, my kids have learned so much this way.

    Sonya- so true, I love the way you phrased that!

    Thanks for stopping by Meeling and Candy!

  6. Found your blog from one I follow and had to start following your blog . It's great. I'm a stay at home mom with 4 kiddos too!
    Cute kittens too. Your braver then me with a snake... shudders for sure!

  7. Welcome SweetLand. So glad to have you here :) I was reading through your bio on your kids are the same ages. Makes life quite interesting doesn't it :) I love to tell people that I changed diapers for 9 years and 3 months straight :)
    I really like your blog. I am going to try those pumpkin muffins this week, they look delicious! I am going to follow it, the follow button on there won't load for me this morning. I will try again later :)


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