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Chocolate Mint Lip Balm
Lip balm can be more than just something you grab in the checkout aisle as an afterthought.  With a flavor like “chocolate mint” I have turned the regular BLAH lip balms into a great treat.  A treat that won’t go straight to yours hips either!
This lip balm has all of my nourishing butters and oils included in it.  Almond oil, shea butter, and Vit. E oil protect and heal lips.  Bees wax sets all these oils into a semi solid form. 
Cocoa Butter is what gives this lip soother it’s chocolate power. This butter is an excellent emollient. It penetrates not only the top layer of the skin but also the dermis layer where the body is more able to retain moisture. 
 All these ingredients are mixed in just the right amounts to give you a smooth and buttery lip balm that you won’t be able to put down.
So now onto the mint! I use peppermint essential oil for my mint flavoring.  An all natural oil that gives this one a pop of flavor and a tingle on your lips.  I have also added a little extra flavor by using chocolate flavor oil and a sweetener oil.
Peppermint essential oil should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.  This warning mainly applies when using large amounts for massage or ingestion, but I feel I need to put this warning on all of my items that contain this oil.
Any chocolate mint lover will find that this is almost good enough to eat.  I don’t recommend it though J  But even if you don’t  horde “Jr. Mints”  like they are goin’ out of style (pointing right at you Suzi) you are really going to like this lip balm
So like every “Item of the Week”  this lip balm is on sale in my Etsy store until April 26th.


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