Pee Wee Bull Rider
Ok, so it’s a bull calf.  But it’s “still a bull mom”! Ya, I don’t think they would even come close to one of our full grown bulls. Kids are such big talkers at this age.

 One of our Limousine bulls.

So this is our first bottle calf of the season.  I say first because we now have 2.  The kids think it’s great. But that cool factor will wear off-I wonder how long it will take until I am feeding both of them twice a day.  I thought I was through with the bottle stage, whats up with that?!?  But for the time being they are having fun with them.
We deemed this poor little guy’s mama “unfit mother of the year” and promptly took him into our little foster care system. She rolled him down a hill all while   trying to stomp him.  Crazy woman. Luckily we were out there at the time.  He’s a good little trooper though, very healthy for a bottle raised calf. 

Getting his night- time baba.  Son number 2 has named “his” calf “Duke”.  I am positive is has to do with the fact that “Dukes of Hazzard” is now his favorite show.  The PLAN is to let him show it at the county fair since his sister will be there with her sheep this year.  We’ll see… I am just wondering how big this little calf will be by the end of July…   

Love his little speckled nose.

As these pictures show, he’s strong and ornery too.  Our little rodeo one night right before sunset. 

So bring on the rodeo!  Our 5 minute impromptu rodeo consisted of one brave little bull rider and one ornery bull.    

One circle of the round pen was all it took. 

Not so brave anymore!

All boy.

The real reason for this pen. My dream when I was her age…

PETE!  Our dog Pete.  Pete is short for Peterbilt, ya know like the semi.  Some boys around here are a tad bit nuts for semi trucks by the way.  If you look real close you see that only one paw is on the ground. “Super PETE!”  He’s our shadow when checking cows. Great little pup.  He loves cows, don’t think they feel the same way though. 

No life is complete without the love from an animal J

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