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Green Tea & Lemongrass Soap

Let’s talk a little soap.  I currently have 13 different varieties of soaps and 10 different lip balms, each with their own unique recipes and benefits for you skin.  I could probably sit for an hour and explain each one, but who has an hour to spare right?  So I thought I would just feature an item each week and write a little bit about it.
My item this week is my “Green Tea & Lemongrass” soap.  What better scent for spring!  This is one of my more fragrant soaps.  Most of the natural scents I use don’t have a strong smell.  But this soap really stands out without having that fake aroma.          
          (I used to LOVE going into that certain bath and body shop in the mall.  You know the one that you can smell 4 shops down?  Somewhere in my old age, my nose just couldn’t take those strong smells anymore.  The day I got attacked by bees because I smelled just like their favorite flower also may have had something to do with it.)
I use LEMONGRASS ESSENTIAL OIL for this soap.  But the benefits of this oil goes beyond it’s wonderful earthy smell. 
Lemongrass is an herb that has been used for
centuries in culinary and medicinal practices.

Essential oils have been used for years in aromatherapy.  The light citrusy scent is a great relaxing agent and helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and even drepession.  A relaxing soak in the tub with this soap can be a life saver from those extra crazy days.
This oil has even more benefits for your skin.  Because it has great astringent properties, lemongrass oil helps to clea rup excessive oily skin which can cause acne. On that same note, this oils also has antibacterial properties further helping with acne prone skin. Lemongrass is effective as a skin tone because it naturally dialates the blood vessels, helping to tighten pores and wrinkles.                                                    
  All citrus oils like lemongrass, also are effective as a critter repellant.  Probably not the 4 legged or even the 2 legged kind of critters, No I am referring to the 6, 8 12 (are there some with 12?) legged kind.  Summer is coming and so are those nasty bugs.  You have heard how citronella works to get rid of these pests, well all citrus scents help to ward them off too.
So on to the GREEN TEA.  Why green tea?  We know how well tea and lemon goes together.  Mixes beautifully together.  Green tea is good for you inside and OUT. 
It contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called catechins, which help fight damage caused by free radicals. People with skin conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea, which are caused by inflammation, may benefit from the anti-inflammatory action of the beneficial chemicals in the green tea.   Like the lemongrass, this tea also has anti-bacterial properties which will further help with acne. 

But lets back up a bit to see what the main ingredients are in my soap.  All natural ingredients, each with their own benefits. 
OLIVE OIL- a beauty secret for hundreds of year. This bar is 40% olive oil.   Rich in vitamins A and E and a number of antioxidants , all needed to keep skin young and healthy.  Olive oil is rich in squalane, a natual emollient that penetrates skin without leaving a greasy film behind. 
COCONUT AND PALM OILS-  Two wonderful and natural moisturizers.  Used as a beauty secret by island girls for centuries.  Rich in vatimins A & E and antioxidants.  Coconut oils is also what gives all my soaps their luxuryious bubbles!  What’s a soap without bubbles!
SHEA BUTTER-  Thick wonderful shea butter.  Used in many lotions and moisturizers you see on the store shelves.

So my own opinion on this soap?  It is extremely moisturizing and a wonderful eye opener in the morning!  NUF said J
 So with each item I feature, I also put it on sale for that week in my Etsy shop. Check it out here. 
Don’t forget to check back each week for more featured items on sale.  Wishing you well!

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  1. Ordered my first batch of soap. Shared it with friends and family for mother's day. Lots of positive comments!! Love it!!!


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