Lovin’ Me  Some Eggs

Poor eggs, they have gotten such a bad reputation.  Cholesterol…BAD…very very bad!  Yes too much cholesterol IS bad for you.  BUT!  In an age of fast food, sugared cereal,  processed foods where vitamins and minerals are replaced with fillers and preservatives, why not just grab an egg.  Any ol’egg.  (although I prefer farm fresh eggs) Yes, any ol’ egg is better than all of that “fake” food that is marketed to us and our kids on a daily basis.  And tests show, in my house anyway, that an egg will keep those tummies from rumbling until the lunch bell rings.
Check out this page to see more egg facts and nutrition info.

So why pick on those poor little eggs!  Let’s celebrate the awesomeness of eggs, and what better month to do it.  The month of egg LOVE.  Even rabbits that cluck like chickens love eggs this month. AND lions dressed as rabbits that cluck like chickens.  Although that commercial just happens to be featuring chocolate eggs, love them just as much, but that’s a whole other story.
A few years back I finally got my wish of having my own flock of laying hens.  We found a small building for a coop and purchased 20 baby chicks.  A few months later, low and behold… eggs!!  Yep, that’s what chickens do.  We have been in love with our chickens, and those wonderful dark yolks ever since.

This was the very first egg we got from them.  No bigger than a golf ball. A "golden egg" is what I have heard it's called.  The older the chicken, the bigger the egg they lay.  Our oldest birds are about 2 years old now. We're getting some super jumbo eggs this year.


"The Princess and the Chicken".  Think I should contact Disney?



Here is a great site for some egg info that you may have always wondered about.  Basic recipes and techniques for cooking eggs.


I found a great recipe for a deviled egg with a twist. Dilled!

Kevin Weeks' Seriously Good
Deviled Eggs
Makes 12 servings.

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