Friday Favorites #3

Ready or not, the gift season is looming.  Year after year I search for toys that are well made.  You know, the ones that won't break the first week in January.  That happens quite often by the way :(  

The best solution to a cheapo plastic fiasco is to find yourself some nice handmades!  Made to last and more eco friendly as well.  Here are just a few of many that I found on Etsy this moring.


Play food has always been a big hit in our house.  Girls and boys alike :)

So nicely made.  This would be an heirloom to pass down for generations. 

What baby doesn't like crinkle toys.  Hours of fun I tell you!

I love play dough, especially the handmade kind.  These are colored with natural ingredients.

I love these wooden teethers.  When I found my state I just had to put it on here.  As of right now, they have 39 different states and provinces listed. 


  1. To tell you the truth, I am so sick of the Christmas craze and all the unnecessary ads that shout we need to buy this and that for our kids (or else...). Your choices are great! I love wooden toys!

  2. I am in lock step with Kanelstrand.

    Great choices.

  3. I love felted and wooden toys. They are made of natural material and ever lasting.

    Thank you so much for including my crinkly owl!


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