A Fall Day With Mama

After almost 11 years she's my last one at home with me during school.  She sticks by my side and loves to do anything that Mama and Daddy are doing.  Preschool is too far of a drive, so we do a little homeschooling instead. She will go to Kindergarten next year, but for now she's all mine and I'm not sharing! 

Today we had a long outing consisting mostly of errands around the farm. 
1. Take out her Dad some dinner to the field.
2. Help move harvesting equipment from one field to another.
3. Check the cows-- they didn't really need checking at that moment, but that one was her choice!
4. Last but not least, play with kitties :) 

A few pics of our day...

  She decided to go into molt this week.  Poor girl, doesn't she know it's cold out?!

Harvest should be through for us by the end of the week.

I love this driveway into one of our fields.  Notice the middle of the  "O" in the sign.  It is very common to find signs with holes in them around here.  Someone was a good shot!
Another one...

Maybe all the sign damage is why this county can't afford to fix any bridges around here! The bridge down this road collapsed just seconds after my father-in-law crossed over it in his pickup. TRUE STORY.  That was about 5 years ago.  The county doesn't think it necessary to fix it...  

Finally getting out to the cows now! 

I just love the markings on the calves this year. My kids call these kind the "clown calves".

  The calf on the right is "Duke".  He was one of our bottle calves.  We recently put them back out with the herd.  I tried to get him to come over to me, but he must have finally realized that he is indeed NOT a human. 

Here is Duke as a baby.  You can see more about Duke and our other calves in my spring posts here.

From our farm to you, have a great week!


  1. Great photographs, thank you for sharing your fall day on the farm!! How sweet that your little one loves to do whatever mamma and daddy like to do! They grow up so fast, it's so nice for you to have her there, all to yourself, for one more year before kindergarten! :)

  2. Thank you for a wonderful little insight to your daily life, Debbie. Looking at your photos I can smell autumn. Isn't it lovely to be busy with harvest at the same time as Nature, I am sure the pace is different at your farm than in our forest but we still share the same land, although divided by an ocean.

    If you keep on with such posts, I am afraid I will get fatally addicted and will want more and more.

    Your little girl is wonderful!

  3. Great pictures...they grow up so fast don't they?

  4. Thank you all for your compliments. I am loving blogging. I love the sharing, but also because it is getting me out with my camera more than ever and I am capturing some wonderful moments.

  5. Wow, I always wondered what it'd be like to live on a farm. It looks like such a nice, outdoorsy kind of life filled with hard work. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    (And the bit about holes in signs made me smile. It's SO different from anything around here! Haha.).


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