Christmas Wreath DIYs

I spent many a Christmas without any kind of festive wreath.  Well, without many decorations at all really!  My husband and I had a 3 week old baby on our first Christmas as a married couple. So needless to say, decorations weren't really a priority for us. 

So my search was on for economical and/or homemade decorations.  This year I wanted to get to that wreath, but not just any wreath.  One I could make from things we already had here at home.

I found these and I just LOVE them! My first is going to be the paper holly leaf one in the middle.  It is made from recyled old Christmas cards, brilliant!  And Although my husband really isn't a tie guy ( i think he owns one for weddings and funerals!)  I thought that one was so so creative and had to share it!

So the three above can all be seen on the Good Housekeeping  Eco-Friendly Christmas Wreath Ideas .
There are seven total to browse through. 

Four more cute wreaths can be found on the Alphamom site.  These are more kid oriented.  Cute and easy to make,  made from toilet paper rolls, foam balls and milk jugs to name a few items.

Hope you have fun with these.  I would love to hear back how they turned out for you!


  1. Love the tie wreath!! How cool is that. My hubby only owns about 3 ties, so I'd have to check the Goodwill or yard sales. The corks are awesome too, those we actually save, so I might be able to make that one.

    Thanks for sharing these!!

  2. Cool ideas! I like the holly leaf one the best too! :)


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