Wow!  What a great year this has been.  Not only for our family but for Larson Farm Naturals as well!  I have found something that I love to do and that is a wonderful thing!  I have BIG plans for 2012 and I hope you all check back to see what I have in store :)

I am going to put my shop on vacation mode after the 19th until the end of the year.  It's time to spend more time AWAY from the computer :)  This is the last week to be able to receive your items before Christmas as well, so no more procrastinating haha!!

Now how about a big Ol' SALE!  Get in on a sale in time to give my items as gifts.

35% off!

Soaps that are $5 are now $3.25.  Lip balms are now $1.95.  My fabulous gift box collections are now $16.25 instead of $25!!

These are just a few items on sale.  Check out my shop:
The coupon is good for everything in my shop.

Want it sent as a gift?
Let me know at checkout and I will add a special note with TO and FROM and a special message if you would like!

I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and wonderful and safe New Year!

Debbie Larson

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  1. Oh, what a generous sale, Debbie! I wish I could live in the U.S. and order the whole shop for Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday season and I am looking forward to all your new ideas for the new year!


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