Quick tip Tuesday - Unstick Your Kitchen Stickies

Nothing bugs me more than sticky messes.  And the kitchen if where I find them most any day.

 Syrup,  honey, juices, molasses, you name it.  Sooner or later these culprits are going to lead to a bit of snarls, growls, or maybe even a few 4 letter words. (whispered quietly of course haha!)

I have some tips today on how to deal with a couple of these kitchen frustrations. 

Stuck lids:

I know each of you have had those days when that lid just won't budge.  I would start by gently tapping the lids on the counter...no luck.  I tapped harder....and harder...then they were bent and really stuck!  Grrrrr.  I ran them under warm water. Then I hit them on the counter some more.  In the end I would always get them open, but MAN what a pain!

Now some people may say to just clean off the jars an lids each time before you put them away.  Sure, I guess I could.  But most days I'm not thinking that clearly.   And to teach the 5 others in the house a new rule.... well I just would rather use this trick here.

This can work for any lid to keep it clean.  I have used foil, saran wrap, and even cheese cloth.  A quick swipe of some butter or oil will also help keep your lids opening with ease. 

Measuring and pouring your stickies.

I cook with honey a lot. But it is very hard to get it all back out of the measuring cup.  Quite a bit can be left behind even after you pour and scrape it out. 

Just take a bit of butter and slather up the sides.  Or a quick spritz of spray will do the trick.  It pours out like magic!

I hope these were helpful.  Do you have more unsticky tips?  Go ahead and share them in the comments.  I would love to hear them!


  1. I like the foil or saran wrap tip! I have one of those rubbery jar grippers for opening tough lids, I'd be lost without it!

  2. Oh, yes, they were helpful indeed! Why didn't I thought of using butter to make honey pour out of the measuring cup? The foil under your jar lid is also really clever. I guess it should be thick to prevent it from tearing apart. We've got a favorite sour-sweet chili sauce whose cap tends to grow higher and higher to the point of no closing haha, so I will put your tip to action straight away, after washing the cap first!

  3. Shoot! I wish I'd thought of the foil thing! I had a lid get reallllllly stuck recently, and that probably would've saved it.

  4. I use saran wrap... but it seems to create a bigger mess for me after a while... foil sounds like a better idea. Hehe

    Great advice- very helpful =)


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