The Beauty in Dirty Work

Hard work, dirty work... they go hand in hand when it comes to farming.  But I think anything that is worth doing is going to come with a price, and the price of this day was dust and sweat.  But sometimes a person can find beauty in even the nastiest situations. We're supposed to find beauty in everything, right?

My situation this day was leveling bins.  What is that??  Or maybe you are even saying, "what is a bin?".  

So these are two of our bins.  Not so pretty to look at, but necessary in farming.  They are used to store grain.  Here in SW Iowa it is mostly corn and soybeans.  Farmers will store their grain not only to dry the grain with heated air, but also to wait for the best price for their grain.  Right now we are needing to dry down the beans and a level surface of the grain is needed for even drying. 


So up up up the old rusty ladder I go, and carrrrrefully climb into the hole at the top.  I have gotten used to the height.  When I first started doing this I would shake so bad I could hardly hold onto the ladder.  But I love a challenge and have mastered this :) 

This is the first time I have thought about taking a camera in with me.  I wish this bin was larger so I could have gotten a wider shot of the inside.  But like I said there is beauty to be found in everything, and I think I got a few shots that gave this job a bit more prestige.

I think this is pretty awesome.  Maybe the moon??  You are seeing through the hole in the top with the blue sky showing through. 

I really like this one.  There is something about the rustic look of it, and complete with cob webs.  I played with it a bit and I think the following result is my favorite... what do you think?

Finally done.  It took blood, sweat, and tears.  No, not really.  But dust and sweat, yes.  Looking at the light beam you can see just how dirty it gets in there.

The hole I dug in the middle is where my husband will put....uhhhh, something that will be used in the drying process.  hahaha!  I never claimed to know everything about this!

A view from the top.  In the distance you can see what is left from a foggy morning. 

  Just taking a rest before I head back down. 

Hope you enjoyed my morning as much as I did :)


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