Cooking Bacon the Easy Way

I.  LOVE.  BACON.  I love it for it's smokey crispy yum yummy goodness.  I cook it for breakfast, lunch and supper.  Now, not in the same day of course.  I wouldn't either if I were you, your arteries will thank you!  But in moderation (even water is bad for you if you over do it) bacon is a wonderful addition to many recipes or great just on it's own.  I recently posted one of these recipes:  Apples & Onions uses crumbled bacon on top. 

So you need to get your bacon cooked to that crispity crunchity perfection.  How do you cook your bacon?  For years I stood over the stove top fighting with the angry snap and pop of bacon grease.  I tried using screens and covers.  Still that sneaky grease crept out and mussled up my clean stove top!! Grrrrr.

Until one know I don't even remember were I learned this.  But I saw a genius solution.  Just cook it in the oven!  No babysitting the bacon and getting burnt by grease, it cooks evenly and doesn't curl up either. 

So here is how I do it...

I line my cookie sheet with foil.  You can do it without, but clean up is so much easier.  Lay your bacon out flat.  Don't be afraid to squish them in, they will shrink up.  Pop this in at 350 for about 30-40 min., it will depend on how thick your bacon is.  Thinner bacon will require less time.  Drain your bacon and pat out the extra grease with a towel. Easy as that!   I have also laid out cookie racks on the sheet and placed the bacon on those.  This way the grease will drip down and make for healthier bacon...hmmm is there really such a thing??  But it does work too.

I hope this little cooking tip was helpful.  Have a great Monday!


  1. Mmmm, bacon! I love it too! I can have it on a piece of toast or with just about anything. I believe I am addicted to it to the same amount as I am to feta cheese and yogurt.

    Baking it in the oven is plain genius, I admit! And much healthier than frying it as well. If our arteries make a difference... :)

  2. Another variation on that method is to put a cooling rack on the cookie sheet and lay the bacon on the rack. Grease drips away, easy peasy!

  3. Hmm, I've never thought of cooking it in the oven! My mom makes it in the microwave sometimes, but it's just not the same. I will have to try the oven method next time because last time I tried to fry bacon I ended up with a big fat mess. (And a really smoky house... that smelled like burned bacon for days...) :p

  4. is there anyone who doesn't LOVE bacon?? going to check out that recipe. yes, i too have done it in the oven. way easier than having to fuss over it.

  5. Yeah for the bacon lovers heehee! I'm glad you all enjoyed this post. Amanda has me thinking of another plus to this method. No lingering bacon smell.
    I heard there was bacon ice cream and chocolate covered bacon at our State Fair. I just don't know if I would go that far!

  6. MY SIL's favourite food is guess what this MIL always makes for morning breakfasts when they spend the night?

    Now my problem is...I have tried to bake the bacon in the oven...but the sides end up very greasy...and cleaning the oven is a pain! Any suggestions?



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