Quick Tip Tuesday - Cutting Biscuits

After my last post on an easy way to cook bacon, I decided I have some more quick tips to share.  So... VOILA! Quick Tip Tuesday has now been born. 

My mom always used a small drinking glass to cut out those perfect little biscuit circles.  But there was always those left over scraps.  And by the last cutting, those scraps had been handled to death.  And anyone who knows a good biscuit knows that the less you roll and handle the dough, the lighter and flakier they will be. 

I was making sausage gravy and biscuits the other day and snapped some quick pics of the no fuss way that I cut my biscuits.

Shape your dough into a rectangle.  Not perfect, but it will do :)

Cut your dough into even rows.  A sharp knife would do as well, but a pizza cutter is just so darn easy!

You can make your squares as big or as little as you like.  No left over pieces!

They cook up just the same. I think they may even rise up better being cut with a sharp cutter.  Who needs circles anyway :)

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  1. Great tip, such an easy and quick solution & I never would have thought of that. Thanks for sharing it, they look delicious. So glad you found my blog on Etsy, I'm following yours now! I must warn you I'm terrible at keeping up with comments but will read almost every day :-) Enjoy your week!

  2. Oooo...I love quick cooking tips! I can use all the cooking tips I can get :)
    Those biscuits look great and I bet they taste better than the round ones :)

  3. What a great idea ~ I have always used the floured cup and never seemed to get enough pressure to make the biscuits perfectly round!

  4. This is the way my Oma always did it (apparently Russians do it this way)..and I've been doing this as well. Just made breakfast scones this way.

    You have a GREAT blog...love coming here and learning so much.


  5. Mmmm, first - I can smell them! Indeed! They really look so fluffy... and second - hehe - I love easy solutions! Awesome tip!

  6. Yum...my family loves biscuits!! And round or square...they all taste great.

    Aren't pizza cutters the best??

  7. I didn't know if this would be too common to be helpful. Glad you all liked it :)

  8. Great tip! My mother was a drinking glass biscuit cutter too. I sometimes still do that when I want smaller biscuits, I have a large antique biscuit cutter that is sometimes just too big.


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