Two Steps Forward - One Step Back

I normally try to keep my blog posts positive.  I want to try to share all the good things people are doing to help make our world a better place. There are so many good changes being made over the last few years and it has been wonderful to see!   But I have been noticing a commercial lately that really has me wondering how far have we really come and is there going to be a backward trend in our future.

The commercial I am referring to is for Kleenex hand towels.  PAPER HAND TOWELS.  IN YOUR HOME BATHROOM.  Really??  When I first saw the commercial a few months ago, I was just astonished.  How could anyone really want to feel like they were in a public restroom.  (and it's just plain ugly too i think)  Are people so afraid of their family they would go to these lengths?  Is this company grossly misjudging the public or am I that naive to think that most people wouldn't want to be that anal about drying their hands at home?  I just think of how many time a day my family is in our bathroom washing our hands.  It could easily lead to a full trash can (overflowing to be exact) everyday!

I can't believe that a home towel, made from fabric, made to be reused, could be that awful and scary dirty.  (actually our hand towel does look that bad sometimes!! But I take it down and put it in the dirty clothes basket, geesh!)  The commercial portrays home towels as nasty filthy and should be banned from your home.  MAYBE the people in that commercial should WASH their dirty towels!  What a thought hahaha!  I think most people have access to a washing machine nowadays ;)

So there is my quick rant.  I will try not to make it a habit.  But darn it this one just really has me irked. 

So what do you all think?  Is this something that may catch on? Am I totally off on thinking these are ridiculous?


  1. Nope, you're not alone in your thoughts. I was surprised that they'd come out with such for the home.

  2. I'm going to have to agree. You're drying your hands on the towel AFTER you wash them for pete's sake. Just silly.

  3. That commercial irks me too! Just another way to sell, sell, sell!

  4. You're definitely not alone. This stuff drives me batty! How wasteful and germaphobic can we possibly be as a society?!

  5. I can't believe that! Really. In an age when we should be trying to reduce, conserve and basically think about our impact on the environment... are they serious?

    On the other hand, I believe there will be an outstanding number of people who would embrace the idea - after all laziness is being very actively encouraged by consumerism.

    Wait, I am trying to picture this and... well, I can't. Why would I need to have paper towels at all?

  6. I am with you. How much work is it to put your hand towel in with all the other towels you have to wash?

  7. Hi Debbie! Nope, I'm with you! We've been washing our dirty hand towels forever and will continue to do so!!! So glad to meet you and thanks for joining us over at Dandelion House!
    And, welcome to blogging! I'm anxious to check out your products!


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